Bike vs. Truck

Insight Legal Graphics & Animation Bicycle, Truck, Vehicular Accident

A truck driver does not notice a bicyclist (even though he had previous just passed him) and makes a right turn leaving the bicyclist no escape. The final movements of the bike rider were depicted as an arrow because his exact position at impact unknown. The plaintiff received a favorable settlement shortly before trial.

Pedestrian blocked by A-pillar

Insight Legal Graphics & Animation Animations, Pedestrian, Vehicular Accident

In San Francisco, the city attorney filed a criminal case against a driver who struck a pedestrian while making a left turn. This animation for the defense used a Point-Of-View (POV) camera angle to demonstrate that parked vehicles, as well as the A-pillar of her sedan were significant obstructions and greatly limited visibility as she approached the intersection. The defendant …

Motorcycle vs. Bus

Insight Legal Graphics & Animation Animations, Bus, Motorcycle, Vehicular Accident

A bus makes an ill-timed left turn in front of a motorcyclist. The animation shows how the motoryclist was initially unaware of the threat because he was checking his mirrors for a lane change shortly before the bus initiated the turn. At trial, the liability phase found the defendant 80% at fault. The case settled favorably for the plaintiff during …